If you're looking to have that old chipping paint removed we provide a thorough grinding process in which we have a crew come out and remove it before we work on your new design! here are some things to keep in mind if interested.

  • We use our own water hoses when we sand down the paint to prevent a lot of dust going everywhere
  • Our crew will cover any easy to reach glass or windows for care of cleanliness 
  • When the job is done we go through and wash evrything down leaving it as clean as possible. we also will move any landscape back (rocks, mulch, etc.) to keep it clean
  • If you have any valuables around the area you're having done we ask that you move them to a safer place beforehand so we can provide a smooth transition.


We use metal blades on the removal of the paint; you will notice slight grinding marks on your driveway which are unavoidable and completely normal. Keep in mind that we use water during this process which means the area can get slightly messy but our professional crews power wash and clean the area afterwards along with masking any anything that may get dirty beforehand.




If you already have a design and want to keep it fresh, we provide a high quality service resealment! We'll come out and power wash your driveway and come back when its dry to apply the sealing coat. Quick and easy process for a fresh look to your home. Contact us to set up a date or check availability convenient for you!



Please make accomadations for any vehicles you may be using during this time.



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