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We at Edison ConCreations are an experienced; family based, full-service decorative concrete company utilizing the best equipment for a professional finish. We provide you with high quality attractive designs and numerous color options for your driveways, sidewalks, lanais, garages, pool decks (etc.) that we're sure you'll love.

Our focus is customer satisfaction.We pay special attention to detail and combine years of experience with creativity and innovative technique. We make every effort to meet your particular preferences even working with you for any reccomended custom designs you may have. We provide you with results that you'll be proud of and will enhance the value of your home. 

We are reliable and provide you with an excellent, professional service at a reasonable price. We invite you to read our numerous positive customer reviews on Talk of the Villages and to visit our 'contact us' page to here to leave comments about your experience!

Things to keep in mind:

  • Vehicles and furniture/items will have to be kept out after power wash
  • We apply a 4-5 year lasting clear coat to our designs unless asked otherwise
  • Irrigation systems will have to be turned off by sunday until our teams finish the job
  • Driveway & lanai sealer will take 3-4 days to adhere before putting anything back on
  • Garage sealer will take 4-5 days to adhere and 24 hour drying process before walking

Please call Edison at (352) 406-8775 for a free estimate, or with any questions you may have. We look forward to being of quality service to you.

Edison ConCreations is licensed and insured.

Keep in mind that this is an outside job and weather implications can cause us to fall behind due to rain, heavy winds, low temperatures & heavy morning moisture. We do our best to keep in contact with you if any delays are neccesary for the best outcome to your design. Sizes of driveways will affect what kind of design you can apply or if there are restrictions to design and color to your area; we ask that you preemptively investigate if there are any. We do our best in any way we can so you are satisfied with your design for years to come 

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